Friday, July 31, 2009

Free Hb's shoes! (OMG)


OMG...this is such a surprise for me,I have looged in too my doll,and I saw this!!

Hot Buys Shoes - 0$??!! WTF?!

Are u kidding me?!!

Lol,this is great,they are up for 0$,..but they are only for SS.

So,Superstars - GRAB THEM!

xo,Mishka1997. ;)

Kohl's Are Back! (Yay!)


The new Kohl's are released in Starplaza now!

I really liked the new clothes,they are really cute,but the prices are a little bit too big.
But,I have still bought a lot of things :)

Past time they was way cheaper,but this time,OMG...10$ for the dress ...this is too much ...

Byt,I really like this shop coz,the clothes are all for Noon SS,too,that's great :)

OMG...I have too go now,bye.


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My NEW Banner!


This is my NEW BANNER.

katara4 has made it for me.

She is totally the BEST Graphicks Designer what I know on Stardoll.

Thainks too you,hun!


Friday, July 24, 2009

SALE at Starplaza's Shops.


Check the sale at Starplaza's Shops!



Thursday, July 23, 2009

August Hot Buys.


YAY! August Hot Buys are on!

Here are all of them:

1. Hot Buys Top (Pretty In Pink);

2. Hot Buys Earrings (Styling Shop);

3. Hot Buys Sunglasses (Styling Shop);

4. Hot Buys Jacket (Bisou);

5. Hot Buys Shorts (Pretty In Pink);

6. Hot Buys Purse (Bisou);

7. Hot Buys Sweater (Fudge Girls);

8. Hot Buys Full Skirt (Bisou);

9. Hot Buys Knee Socks (Evil Panda);

10. Hot Buys Shoes (Fudge Girls).

I like all of them,they are so cute. LOVE them ^^..




When I logged on today. I got this friends request message from this girl!


xo,Mishka1997 :)

Monday, July 20, 2009

Special Edition Guitars.


I think u all got the message about special and very limited edition guitras.

They are from "Evil Panda" shop.

They have wrote this:

[click too make the pick bigger]

I really liked the Silver Heart Guitar,but I don't think coz I will buy,I don't really need guitar xD

Here are all of them:

[click too make the pick bigger]


Saturday, July 18, 2009

White Collection Of DOT.


It's new collection of DOT.

It's white,good coz that's color looks very good on Make Up.

U can check it at Starplaza now,It's very cute.

Also look at this pick.

Click on it too make it bigger.


Friday, July 17, 2009

Different Stardoll.


I'm back from Italy,and I had so much fun!

Also I am very happy coz I'm back now xDD

I got loads of gifts from my mom,lol.

It was a great weather there,so it was a great time for being there.

Also,when I back I founded a lot of new things at Stardoll xD.

Stardoll looks a little bit different now.

We can see new page of clubs now ..

I like it,I think it's really good now,and cute,it was boring and now it's very interesting xD

Also there's new Find Friennds Display.

Here u can see it..

Also,one stupid bitch created a doll with almost my user,OMG... lol

Also,we can see now exatly time when the person's visits us! YAY!!!

I really liked that.

Also,lol,there's a lot of new Hair Cuts.
Check them out in ur MeDoll's Styling Studio xDD

Bye for now,Mishka1997.

Sunday, July 05, 2009

Bye,bye,guys! ...

Hii,guys,and bye...

I'm going too Italy,Venice.

I will b there 10 days,so the Blog is ends his work for 10 days.

I'm soo happy too go there :DD YAY!

OK,guys,bye for now,I'll miss you all!

See ya,Mishka1997.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Uhh..New Dolls For Superstars ...eauhh...


What do you think about new dolls for Superstars?

I think coz thei are horrible UGLY!

Yep,they are famuous people but so ugly on theese dolls!

Just look at them!

Miley looks soo ugly,I can't even look at her!

I like her very much,but I sick of that doll! could Stardoll created it like too ugly,I meant Miley is so pretty,and theese doll ... eauhh... ;[[

Well,I hate thous dolls!


Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Free And Then ... OMG :S


OMG..have u seen this in Starplaza?

OMG...this is just rediculous ...

This Hannah Montana Dress was for 0$ and for nooon-superstars,too,but this 1 camed too the Starplaza and it costs 10$ ... OMG! And it's for only Superstars! LO_oL ...

This is just stupid ... ;]]