Monday, August 31, 2009

Hot Buys Sunglasses - RELEASED


New Hot Buys Sunglasses -
RELEASED in Starplaza.

I love thous glitters on them,soo cute ^^

What do you think about them?

Tell us in comments ;D


Sunday, August 30, 2009

FREE dartboard


A new free PSP item is available. If you are from US you can get it by clicking the link on the PSP.

If you are from another country you need to use a proxy.

Go to
Copy and paste
into the url bar and click on "click here to start browsing" or press enter.
Log in and log out.

Log into the normal stardoll and you will find the dartboard in a giftbox.


Saturday, August 29, 2009

Black Scuba? What??:D:D

Hi! I was surfing on the net and look what I found!!!


It´s amazing.:D I think it´s Agyness Deyn
who is wearing that dress.
I knew about Purple, Pink and Blue Scuba,
but I have never heard about the Black one:D

And what do you think is better?
Pink Scuba VS. Black Scuba.
Vote in the poll!!

xxx, lasocka94.mi

Fabulous Album Magazine! VOTE! xx ..


I have found this
AMAZING & PRETTY album magazine.
It's so interesting.
It has such a nice cover and
things what does the owner if it
writes about MeDoll's.
I am also in it! Lol.

I mean that's really great! :DD LMAO!

Visit the mollya,and go to her album and vote 5/5 please.


My Art,My Paintings ..xx

I am interesting a bit of art,so I really like to paint something pretty.
I am actually not a good artist,but,
I can do something,lol :D

I've made this painting,and,
I thought coz it's pretty to show u,guys.


I have used some clothes:
Transparent beach coat.
Purse ..

What do you think about it ? ;/

P.S.: Sorry,my camera's not working good 4 the mo,
so it shows the wrong date,lol.


Friday, August 28, 2009



I've just finished my new banner,what do you think about it? ^^


Hot Buys Muffin Purse - RELEASED!

Sorry,for not being so active for this mo.
It's *SCHOOL TIME* now,so I have really loads stuff to do..
u know,homework,tests,etc ...
It's pretty hard now ... ;[
I can log in only at *NIGHTS* now ... coz,teachers r like CRAAZYY now ...

Today,new in Starplaza is -
Hot Buys Muffin Purse

It's so pretty and cute! I just love it ^^
And u,guys? What do you think about it??


Wednesday, August 26, 2009

100 Pages In Album For Superstars!!!

There´s again lasocka94. :D

Did you know that Album for SuperStars has now got 100 pages? I didn´t know it until yesterday!

It´s absolutelly great! You can save more dolls and make your Album prettier than with 30 pages:D:D What do you thinkg about it?:D:D


Hot Buys Sweater - RELEASED!


The new Hot Buys Sweater is now released in starplaza.

It costs - 12$!!!

WOW! That's really not cheap,it's horrible expensive for just a sweater. But I loved it so much,so I bought it. Lol.

It's so pretty and classic. I really prefect clothes like this one. It's really my style.

And,what do you guys think about it? :DD

xo,Caroline <33

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

NEW Avril Lavigne Items!!:D

Hi! It´s me lasocka94. Look what I found!! :

HERE,to see the clothes.

You´ll see all Avril Lavigne items :D. Choose which ones do you want to buy!!!


Monday, August 24, 2009

Hot Buys Earrings - RELEASED!


New Hot Buys Earrings has been RELEASED in Starplaza - TODAY!

They are really cute ^^ I love them,also the price is only 6$.

So,hurry to buy them!!!


Sunday, August 23, 2009



Theese 2 days are so hard for me,I have spended beware 1000$ for broadcasts.

Sending advertisements for my friends.

Making topics in da clubs.

I really wanna become as a COVERGIRL,or just get into top 5.
Please help me,vote for me - 5/5 (click HERE)!!!


Saturday, August 22, 2009

Free surf and t-shirt


There are 2 free items to get today.

If you are from US you get them by clicking the link on the PSP.

If you are not from US you need a proxy.
Go to
Copy and paste into the url bar.
Log in and log out.
Then log into the normal stardoll site. You will find the surf and the t-shirt in giftboxes in your suite.


September HOT BUYS! xx..


New September Hot Buys are released in Magazine.
Idk,what to say,coz for real I didn't liked them at all. They are not my style.

I liked only a few things. The purse,beret,coat,sandals and one dress.

Here are the list of them:

Hot Buys Beret (Bisou) - In shop 3 september;
Hot Buys Scarf (Fudge) - In shop 15 september;
Hot Buys Top (Fudge) - In shop 23 september;
Hot Buys Purse (Pretty In Pink) - In shop 11 september;
Hot Buys Dot Dress (Evil Panda) - In shop 29 september ;
Hot Buys T-Shirt (Evil Panda) - In shop 21 september;
Hot Buys Dress (Bisou) - In shop 8 september;
Hot Buys Tights (Fudge) - In shop 1 september;
Hot Buys Coat (RIO) - In shop 17 september;
Hot Buys Sandal (Pretty In Pink) - In shop 25 september;

Can't wait to buy my favs.

What do you think about them? ^^


Cool Teacher Styled Outfits.

Hey,too all!

The new "Cool Teacher Styled Outfits" camed to stardoll.

What do you think about them?

I like them more that the other ones.

So stylish and nice.


Thursday, August 20, 2009

Gorgeous Handbags - 2 Die 4!???

Hey! ^^
I was on stardoll and i found THIS.
"Gorgeous Handbags - 2 Die 4!"
Only avalible Aug 20 - 27!
So the questions is
-are they realy that goregus? if u think so please tell me your favorite/favorites,
and what do you think of the prices? Let me no.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Hot Buys Top - RELEASED!!!

Hey, it's -sanzii! =]

New Hotbuys Top are released in Starplaza shop now!!!

I think it's very cute! The price is 8$, i think that's kind of expensive for only a top.
But go to Starplaza and chek it out now! =]

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

New Shop - Moxie Girlz.


How r u,all?

Stardoll has released new shop. It's called
- Moxie Girlz.

Well,clothes are very nice,but,not my style.

They are sooo girly.
But,some of them are really pretty ^^
Also,they are very cheap and avaible to buy f
or noon superstar,too.

So,that's a great thing :D

And,what do YOU think about them?


FREE Moxie Girlz Poster!!!


I found a way to get this free poster if you haven't got it yet.

You just have to use a proxy.

Go to -

Enter and click on "click here to start browsing". Log in and log out.

Then log in the normal stardoll site and you have the poster in a giftbox.


New writter : Knight-in-Satin


I'm the new writter of this awsome blog.

I hope you'll like that I will do.



New BANNER and Layout.


What do you think about my new banner and layout?

I like them both :D


New Function!


Stardoll's staff has added new function too Stardoll today.

I really liked it,it's quite comfortable now,u can just see if there's somethings new today,and u don't have to go to Starplaza or to Minishop.

What do you think about it?


Monday, August 17, 2009

New Game [Math Challenge] xx..


There's the new game released at Stardoll. It's called - Match Challenge.

I really liked it,it's a fast way to get thous 5$ for free. I am quite good in math,so it's really easy for me.

What do you think about this new game?