Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Hot Buys Rainbow Dress - RELEASED!


Today,Stardoll's Satff has added new Hot Buys thing.
It's - Hot Buys Rainbow Dress,and it's - RELEASED!
[Click HERE to go and buy it]

I don't really like it ;[
Also,the price it - 15$!!!!
OMG! Isn't this too much??! <33
Anyway .. ((; What do you think about it?

Also,some great news,too.

Stardoll is going too reach 40,000,000 members soon.

I am so exited! I hope Stardoll's Staff are going to give us something good at this time.


1 comment:

Knight-in-Satin said...

I love this dress and I think the price is reasonable.
I'm so ecited too for the 40.000.000 members coming soon. I hope we will have a big surprise.