Thursday, September 03, 2009

Old Limited Edition Shoes!

Hi girls and boys! =]

I was on stardoll and cheking out the store "Avril Lavigne" and i saw theese shoes.. They looked so familiar to me but i coulden't remember where I seen them before. Then suddenly it struck me that they looked like an old pair of
Limited Edition Shoes.

So if you are the one of the people ho wanted theese shoes, but coulden't afford them, or was to late to get them cause they where sold out. I have great news for you =] Nearly the same shoes are in Starplaza now and for ONLY 7$ and the best of it.. They are for non-superstars! So hurry grab them!

xoxo, -sanzii.

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Knight-in-Satin said...

I had already noticed that. It's great. I bought them.